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Our Pharmacists’ Job is to make sure you understand how, when and why you are taking your prescription medications and caution you about side effects and drug interactions. We can also help you decide if you can treat a condition with over the counter medications and when you need to consult with your doctor. We can offer you advice on choosing a blood pressure monitor or a nutritional supplement, talk about disease prevention, diabetes management, smoking cessation and more.

We offer Medication Therapy Management visits (Some insurance companies pay for these visits) where we do an in depth evaluation of your medications, medical conditions and your overall health. These visits often uncover small things that when changed can make a big difference in your health: how you are using your inhalers; the time of day when you take your medications; which medications you should not take at the same time and more.

Sick of Mail Order Pharmacies? Did you know that some plans let you opt out of Mail Order? You just need to call the pharmacy benefit phone number on the back of your card and tell them that you want to get your prescriptions filled in the community that you live in. (Of course they will try to talk you out of it).

Don’t have insurance? Ask us about our Kemper Drug Plan that lowers your prescription prices to that of high deductible insurance plan.

Drive Through: We do not have a drive through but we are happy to bring prescriptions out to the cars of established customers when they call us from the lot or street.

The more that you know about your medications and your health, the better you are able to manage your health. Next time you need a prescription filled come to Kemper Drug and let us help you be healthy! Wellness is Contagious, Pass it on!

Paul Ebert, BPharm

Deborah Leedahl, PharmD
Pharmacist & Owner

Rachel Puffe, PharmD

Wendy Simenson, BPharm