Food as Medicine

Many of the conditions that we dispense medication for are a result of how and what our patients eat. Wendy has been exploring this fact and has been sharing information that she finds with any one interested in learning more about how changing our diets to include more fiber, water, protein and less processed foods can improve our health.

One way to increase the quality of the food you are eating is to eat more real food i.e. food that is in its natural state- Fruits, Vegetables, Unprocessed Meats and drink water.

We have put together an A List of fruits and non starchy vegetables (eat all you want) and a B List of fruits and non- starchy vegetables (only eat 1 or 2 servings a day). Also an explanation of good fats to be eaten every day and fats to be eaten sparingly or rarely.

Many people have done a good job of eating less of the things that they should avoid, but could benefit by adding more real food to their diets.

Stop by Kemper Drug and ask for a copy of these lists and a quiz to see how you are doing!

The recipes below are tasty ways to eat quality foods. Please let Wendy know if you have any recipes you think others would enjoy having posted here.