Protect Yourself and Your Family – Get a Flu Shot

No Appointments Needed

Vaccinations given by a Pharmacist or Pharmacist Intern

Vaccinations for Ages 6 and Older

Flu Shot Information Vaccinations are given daily during flu season. Call ahead if you have a group or would like to make an appointment.

Some tips for getting vaccinations include: wear a short sleeve shirt, make an appointment to lessen your wait time if you plan to come over a lunch hour, bring your insurance card, and plan to spend about 10 minutes in the store after a shot, ensuring you do not have a rare, but possible allergic reaction. Call to Schedule a Flu Shot Clinic at your business: 763-441-1353
2016 Guidelines for who should get a Flu Shot

Influenza Vaccine Information Sheet Injection

Influenza Injection Screening Questions

The more that you know about your medications and your health, the better you are able to manage your health. Next time you need a prescription filled come to Kemper Drug and let us help you be healthy! Wellness is Contagious, Pass it on!

Zostavax Vaccinations Reduce Your Risk of Getting Shingles. Please call for more information or to make an appointment. Zostavax Vaccinations are recommended by the CDC for those over age 60 and are approved for those ages 50 and Older.
Guidelines for who should get Zostavax Vaccine
Zostavax Vaccine Information Sheets
Zostavax Vaccine Release Form
We can bill Most Part D Insurance Plans