Let Us Help You Be Healthy

      • We talk to You About Your Prescriptions
      • We Offer Medication Reviews
      • Refill Reminders by Text, Email or Phone
      • We Offer Immunizations
      • We Research Your Questions and Get You Answers


      The more that you know about your medications and your health, the better you are able to manage your health.

      You need to make conscious choices every day to be healthy. At Kemper Drug we make sure that we explain new prescriptions to our patients and are available to answer their questions both about their prescriptions and over the counter medications. If our patients can’t afford certain medications, we work with them and their providers to find less costly alternatives. If they have side effects we help them manage them or work with their providers to find alternatives.

      Our Patient’s time is important to us. Real people answer our phones and we have technology that lets patients order their prescription from their computer or smart phone. We can automatically fill prescriptions when due and send an email when they are ready. We can help synchronize medication so the timing of refills are grouped together. For people who need more help managing their medications, we can call monthly and make sure they aren’t missing any of their prescriptions.

      Being Healthy isn’t all about medications. Having a healthy lifestyle can decrease the amount of medication that you take and in some cases enable you to stop some of them. We can work with you to examine your lifestyle and make recommendations on positive changes that you can make. Visit our Personal Health Zone Page for more information.

      Next time you need a prescription filled come to Kemper Drug and let us help you be healthy! Wellness is Contagious, Pass it on!

      Zostavax Vaccinations

      Reduce Your Risk of Getting Shingles.

      Please call for more information or to make an appointment.
      Zostavax Vaccinations are recommended by the CDC for those over age 60 and are approved for those ages 50 and Older.


      Guidelines for who should get Zostavax Vaccine

      Zostavax Vaccine Information Sheets

      Zostavax Vaccine Release Form

      We can bill Most Part D Insurance Plans